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Application Assistance Hotline: (888) 858-6085

Dear Community Members,

It has come to our attention that a misleading flyer has been circulated regarding the opening of the HCV Waiting List. The flyer contains false information that we are actively working to correct.

Please note that the correct details for the HCV Waiting List opening are as follows:

  • The HCV Waiting List is currently closed.  It is not set to re-open to new applicants at this time.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and are taking immediate steps to identify the source of this misinformation. Official updates regarding any HCV program changes, including those made to the Waiting List, will only come from official DCA accounts.  Please refer back to this website for accurate program updates.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), also known as Section 8, is a tenant-based rental assistance program that assists extremely low and low income individuals and families rent safe, decent, and affordable dwelling units in the private rental market. Any family wishing to receive HCV assistance must apply for admission through DCA’s Applicant Portal.  If you wish to learn more about applying to the HCV program, becoming a Landlord with our program, or participant information please click the links below.

Applying to the Housing Choice Voucher Program

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We have moved!

Our new physical location is 60 Executive Park S NE, Atlanta, GA 30329.

  • All appointments are conducted virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Documents may be dropped off Monday - Friday, between the hours of 8am-4pm.

For questions, call: 470-802-4707


North Regional Office - Atlanta

HCV Process Caseload Employee Name Email Phone Number
Housing Processor (Pre-
Recertification: collecting income and documents)
  A - Cornell Monique Lee monique.lee@dca.ga.gov  
  Corr - Harris, K Desundra Burch desundra.burch@dca.ga.gov   404-982-3580
  Harris, L - Lynwood, L Victoria Jackson victoria.jackson@dca.ga.gov 404-679-0680
  Lyons, B - Pratt, C & PBV Robbin Davis robbin.davis@dca.ga.gov 404-486-6374
  Pratt, S - Smith, R Sequoya Smith sequoya.smith@dca.ga.gov  
  Smith, Ro - Z Hanna Araya hanna.araya@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5038
Housing Specialist (Final Processing of
  A - Bennett, U Sheila Ingram sheila.ingram@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5013
  Bennett, V - Butler, G Marilyn Castro marilyn.castro@dca.ga.gov   770-806-5096
  Butler, Gw - Cornell Natasha Floyd natasha.floyd@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5050
  Corr - Dukes Holly Clark holly.clark@dca.ga.gov 470-372-4845
  Dulyx - Gaines, V Debrae Gillispie debrae.gillispie@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5008
  Gainey - Harris, K Wynter Wright wynter.wright@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5094
  Harris, L -Hutt Charles Turner charles.turner@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5047
  Hutton - Jones, V Shakendra Gipson shakendra.gipson@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5040
  Jones, W - Lynwood, L Natosha Locke natosha.locke@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5088
  Lyons, B - Mohamed, F Krystal Johnson krystal.johnson@dca.ga.gov 770-806-2016
  Mohamed, H - Myers/Homeownership/PBV/FSS Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
  Myles - Pratt, C Cathy Gogertry cathy.gogertry@dca.ga.gov  404-866-6437
  Pratt, S - Ruiz, Ma Oyeyemi Oyelola oyeyemi.oyelola@dca.ga.gov  770-806-5045
  Ruiz, Mi - Smith, R Chistopher Morris christopher.morris@dca.ga.gov   
  Smith, Ro - Tinsley, S Latasha Salad latasha.salad@dca.ga.gov  
  Tippett, T - White, A McKinley Jeter mckinley.jeter@dca.ga.gov  770-806-2019
  White, B - Z Varcenia Ingram varcenia.ingram@dca.ga.gov  770-806-2096
  VASH & Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) Michelle Fonville michelle.fonville@dca.ga.gov  770-806-5021
Annual Recertification (Annual Recertification Packets and related documentation)     recertificationsnorth@dca.ga.gov   
Interim Recertification
(Household Income/Composition Changes)
Notice to Vacates/Mutual Lease
    Alana Phillip alana.phillip@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5033
Incoming Portability     dca.portin@dca.ga.gov  
Outgoing Portability     dca.portout@dca.ga.gov  
    Tolice Saunders tolice.saunders@dca.ga.gov  
Rental Increases (Rental Increases Form - Submission
Request for Tenancy Approval
(Submission Only)
Inspection Questions     inspectionsnorth@dca.ga.gov  
Inspection Cancelations       770-806-5049


South Regional Office - Waycross

HCV Process Caseload Employee Name Email Phone Number
Housing Processor (Pre-
Recertification: collecting income and documents)
  A-L Jonteveah Scrivin jonteveah.scriven@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6696
  M-Z Brittany Dowling brittany.dowling@dca.ga.gov 912-827-6692
Housing Specialist (Final
Processing of Recertifications/Interims)
  Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (A-L) Christy Sills christy.sills@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6283
  Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (M-Z) Dalain Williams dalain.williams@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6713
  A - Brown-Fields Devonn Smith devonn.smith@dca.ga.gov 912-338-5951
  Brooks - Daniels, Q. Ayona Hill ayona.hill@dca.ga.gov 912-284-2574
  Daniels, R-Geter Lee Swinea lee.swinea@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6211
  Floyd - Hollaway, S. Sherry Stephens sherry.stephens@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6282
  Holman-Kelly Linda Driver linda.driver@dca.ga.gov 912-284-2995
  Kendrick-McMillian Veronica Jackson veronica.jackson@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6701
  McMullen-Rabun Carla Willingham carla.willingham@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6573
  Rachel-Smith, J Shannon “Tori” Smith shannon.smith@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6339
  Smith, K-Wallace, M Zenobia Shaw zenobia.shaw@dca.ga.gov 912-338-5950
  Wallace, N-Young, J Maria Gonzalez maria.gonzalez@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4949
  Young, K - Zipperer, VASH Megan Pierce megan.pierce@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4043
Annual Recertification (Annual Recertification Packets and related documentation)     recertificationssouth@dca.ga.gov   
Interim Recertification
(Household Income/Composition Changes)
Notice to Vacates/Mutual Lease
  A-L Sylvia Gray sylvia.gray@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4044
  M-Z Rebecca Blanchard rebecca.blanchard@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6355
Rental Increases (Rental Increases Form - Submission
Request for Tenancy Approval
(Submission Only)
Inspection Questions     inspectionssouth@dca.ga.gov  
Inspection Cancelations       912-287-6700
HCV Process  
Owner Information (Owner
Changes/Landlord Portal)
Waiting List Inquiries dcawaitlist@dca.ga.gov