Report of Local Government Finance (RLGF)

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The RLGF submission form for FY2020 and future years has been updated to reflect the account number/terminology changes in the Uniform Chart of Accounts, Fourth Edition (adopted May 2020 and accessible at This updated file is available by clicking the "Forms" button below.

Georgia law requires local governments to submit an annual Report of Local Government Finances (RLGF) to the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). These reports provide important information, used by state and local government policy makers to better understand and evaluate local government operations and service delivery strategies.

The RLGF report form can be downloaded from DCA’s website and can be used for any fiscal year. Once completed, the spreadsheet should be emailed to DCA’s Office of Research at

Also, this spreadsheet includes an “attachments” tab to allow local government to submit required supplemental information in the same document.  When emailing these Reports, please enter "RLGF" followed by your government's name in the subject line of your email. The RLGF is due for all local governments within six months of the conclusion of the jurisdiction's fiscal year.

Under “Downloads & Related Links” below, click on the first option Report of Local Government Finances FORM (MS Excel Spreadsheet) to get started. (Instructions and Uniform Chart of Accounts and other information are also provided but have not changed.)

RLGF data are available to download through the Tax and Expenditure Data Center for Georgia Local Governments, accessible at