Community & Economic Development

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Our Community and Economic Development programs offer a variety of resources to help communities prepare for economic development, as well as create workforce housing. Our team has a long history of working with local leaders to develop solutions and create opportunities for communities to succeed in growing jobs, both through organic, small-business growth and through the location of economic development prospects. Our goal is to work hand in hand with local leaders to help communities reach their growth and development goals, improve quality of life, and create sustainable, livable, thriving places to live across our state.

Calhoun-based Mohawk Industries is a leading global flooring manufacturer. During the past decade, Mohawk has transformed its business from an American carpet manufacturer into the world’s largest flooring company with operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and the United States. 

King's Hawaiian: Prime Example of Program Collaboration

Using Funding from REBA, EDGE, and the CDBG Employment Incentive Program (EIP)/Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), DCA joins with Gainesville/Hall County Development Authority to Create Jobs

Next time you bite into a King’s Hawaiian Sweet roll, the odds are that it was made in Oakwood, Georgia.