Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH)

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What is the Reentry Partnership Housing Program? 

The Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) Program is a means to provide housing to qualified individuals under parole or probation supervision of the Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS) who do not have valid residence plans.  These individuals may be released from prison or jail or are active participants in an Accountability Court (felony drug, mental health, veterans, or family).  Certified RPH providers provide stable housing and food access to these individuals. 

The goal of the RPH Program is to provide short-term housing for up to 6 months of assistance to help stabilize an individual's reentry process and enhance his or her ability to remain crime free.  This program involves a unique collaboration between several State agencies including the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS), the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), and the Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ).

The program is intended to provide a fresh start for returning citizens to help them become self-sufficient and link them with community resources.  The program collaborates with local reentry program initiatives to help returning citizens successfully reintegrate back into their communities.



  • The Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) Spring 2020 Housing Provider Intent to Apply process for the Spring 2020 cycle has closed.

  • Application windows for prospective RPH providers occur twice yearly, once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  In order to qualify, applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Current For-Profit including Sole Proprietors or Non-Profit status with the State of Georgia.
    • Proof of Operation: All applicants must be able to produce minimum financial statements and IRS fillings showing a fully operational business prior to application.

    For more information, please contact