Georgia Dream Delivery Best Practices

 Listed below are a few best practices to assist with submission quality, accelerate turn times and mitigate risk.

  1. Submission of the loan after the D.E. underwriter review and approval. This is a critical step as the lender’s underwriter makes the risk decision. The Georgia Dream underwriter performs a program eligibility/compliance underwrite only.
  2. Make sure the document submission order matches the DCA checklist.
  3. Review the submission quality. Eliminate submission of duplicate documents.
  4. Provide the closing date condition when requested during the compliance review
  5. Submit the funding/closing documents as quickly as possible after the closing date; best practice - within 10 to 15 days after the closing date.
  6. Send the original note and check(s) for the first and second mortgage overnight delivery as soon as possible after the closing date.
  7. Submit an allonge with notes that are missing the original signatures.
  8. Remember the 2nd mortgage assignment and relate endorsements.
  9. Provide evidence of FHA mortgage insurance as soon as possible.
  10. Review the final first and second mortgage CDs for accuracy prior to submission.
  11. Remember the final 1003 – signed and dated by each borrower.
  12. Review the final title policy for clerical errors.
  13. Submit a fully executed, dated, and notarized Transfer and Assignment document, SF-44,
  14. Stay Connected. We are here to help. Call one of the Georgia Dream team members listed below for assistance: