Georgia Balance of State CoC - At Large Board Member Nominations


In the Governance Charter for the Georgia Balance of State CoC, which was approved as updated by the Balance of State CoC, the make-up of Balance of State CoC board membership was established.  The board will be comprised of nineteen people, thirteen of which will be appointed by various state departments, local governments, or interests related to homelessness among Veteran, and one homeless/formerly homeless representative that will be appointed by the Membership and Rules Committee.  And five members of the Governance Board will represent each of the five DCA “Super Regions,” that will be selected by a community process.  In January 2022, the terms for all “At Large” seats will expire.  These five board seats will be filled following this call for nominations from the community, followed by a review by the Membership and Rules Committee that will finalize a recommended slate of Board Members.

The Membership and Rules Committee is inviting the community of stakeholders to nominate potential Governance Board members for the “Super Region” seats.  A basic packet of information as well as a FILLABLE Nomination Form is posted on this page.  The Request for Nominations is open from December 7, 2021 through December 17, 2021 (5:00 pm).