2024-2025 QAP Drafts and Related Documents

2024-2025 QAP: Board-Approved

2024-2025 QAP: Second Draft

2024-2025 QAP: First Draft

How to Provide Public Input  

  • Submitting Written Input
    • Click here to submit public input on the Housing Credit Program
    • If your intent is to influence the August QAP draft, please submit comments by July 20th. 
      • DCA will continue to accept comments responding to published drafts through early October. 

QAP Development Process

  • QAP Development Overview 
    • Click here to view an overview of the QAP development timeline and process. 

2024-2025 QAP Listening Sessions Documents

  • Click here to view documents for 2024-2025 QAP listening sessions