Updates and Information

DCA LIHTC & HOME Compliance Manual

DCA has published the new LIHTC & HOME Compliance Manual. The manual is effective January 24, 2023, and DCA will accept public comments year-round. You may submit comments via the online form here. Virtual and in-person training opportunities will be available to learn about the new manual. The first opportunity is at the Georgia SAHMA (Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association) conference on February 15, 2023. Additional training opportunities will be announced via blast. 


Office of Portfolio Management Fees

DCA has published compliance monitoring, asset management, and portfolio fees for all current and future properties in DCA/GHFA's portfolio effective January 15, 2023. Please review the fees here. Thank you for your feedback during the public comment period November 15, 2022 - January 14, 2023.  


Management Company Approval Policy

After reviewing all submitted comments, the Office of Portfolio Management has issued the final Management Company Approval policy. Please review the policy in the DCA LIHTC & HOME Compliance Manual. The effective date of the policy is January 15, 2021. Thank you to all who provided feedback.  


Compliance Blasts

The Compliance Department will blast a bi-weekly e-newsletter to our contact list each month.  By clicking the below link, you can view archived email Blasts.



To sign up for the Blast, click here and join our email group for updates!


Need to Update Your Management Company Credential Information? 

Send DCA a completed Management Publication Updates form to showcase management company credentials for future potential DCA publication

Email all forms to Compliance@dca.ga.gov


Archived: Mandatory Management Company Meetings

The Office of Portfolio Management hosted three virtual mandatory management company meetings on December 2, December 8, and December 9, 2020. Thank you for your attendance and engagement. Please find the following materials:

  • Session recording here 
  • Copy of the slides here
  • Q&A (to be updated on a continuing basis) here