REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP): Compliance File Review Consultant


DCA appreciates the time and effort respondents put into their RFP submissions. After reviewing the submitted materials, DCA has selected the following firms for contracts:

  • Zeffert and Associates

  • Preferred Compliance Solutions

*The selected firms will be contacted by DCA this week to begin the contracting process.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP): Compliance File Review Consultant

The Georgia Housing and Finance Authority ("GHFA") seeks to procure the services of a contractor (“Contractor”) for the provision of reviewing tenant files for compliance with the rules and regulations of GHFA’s various multifamily affordable housing programs. The programs of GHFA are administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (“DCA”), a legislatively created executive branch of the State government.

DCA’s Office of Portfolio Management monitors housing projects that are part of GHFA’s various multifamily affordable housing programs for compliance with federal regulations and program rules. As part of the monitoring process, DCA periodically reviews the tenant files of each project for accuracy and compliance with all applicable program rules and regulations. DCA has undertaken the responsibility of engaging a Contractor to conduct the compliance monitoring of tenant files on DCA’s behalf. 



  • Advertise RFP: September 23, 2019 - October 11, 2019
  • Proposals Due (receipt by GHFA): October 11, 2019 (by 4:00PM EDT)
  • Selected for Oral Presentations (if GHFA deems necessary): Week of October 21, 2019
  • Announcement of Selected Consultant(s): No later than October 30, 2019

* Dates are approximate and may change as needed


POSTED 10/10/19 


  1. For 100% LIHTC projects which might use only self-certification after the initial certification at recert, will auditors be asked to review: 

A) the initial certification as well as the self cert recertification,  

B) only the self-cert or 

C) only the initial certification?

For 100% LIHTC properties that have an approved recertification waiver on file, only the self-certification will be reviewed. 

  1. If the initial certification is not being reviewed for self cert-recert, is DCA compliance open to having owners submit this for review since a deficient initial file has serious potential impact on the compliance at the project?   

  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Will contractors be provided with the MITAS rent roll for properties? 

Contractor will be provided with a Project Worksheet, Income Limits, Utility Allowances, and a Checklist for the selected files. 

  1. If a community submits the incorrect file and it is reviewed, and then an additional file must be submitted, will contractor be paid for both file reviews since it was not their error?

If a property submits the incorrect file for review, this will be marked as a non-compliance finding. The correct file will be reviewed by DCA staff during the cure response review. 

  1. Has DCA contracted out to third parties for any file reviews in the past 24 months?  If so, what is the average cost to DCA per file? 

Yes, DCA has contracted with a third party to conduct file reviews. The cost per file was $30. 

  1. Usually, DCA has a file review timeline/deadline to meet internal deadlines for reporting noncompliance to owner/managers. Since this would act as a threshold for contractors completing assigned files, please describe this timeline.

Files will typically be uploaded for the contractor once all files for the assigned month have been provided by the properties. As the number of files to be reviewed varies for each property, contractor will be expected to provide results of completed files on a rolling basis by the end of the week.  

POSTED 10/8/19 

  1. Section D: Financial Capacity; For sole proprietorships, where the business is not currently incorporated, what documents would DCA like to have submitted to show financial capacity and stability?   

Respondents should include in their proposals any applicable items identified in Section VII(D) of the RFP. If respondent is unable to present any of those items, then they should present any documentation they have that would help DCA analyze the financial capacity and stability of the respondent. DCA will make further inquiries as needed.  

  1. If sole proprietorships, where the owner is a US Citizen, should the O.C.G.A. §13-10-90 et. seq. be completed?   (Perhaps a statement should be submitted that contractor understands that if employees or subcontractors are hired, owner agree to complete and submit form prior to hiring employees or contractors?) 

Any respondent who has or plans to have employees must complete the Contractor Affidavit found on page 12 of the RFP. For those respondents who have no employees and who do not plan to have any employees, DCA will accept a copy of the respondent’s drivers license in lieu of the Contractor Affidavit. Please include an explanation in your proposal stating the reason why a Contractor Affidavit is not being provided. If a contractor hires employees or enters into agreements with subcontractors subsequent to the signing of a contract with DCA then contractor will be responsible for submitting the Contractor Affidavit to DCA.  

  1. For sole proprietorships with no employees or contractors, since there are no contractors or employees, are Workman’s Comp, General Liability and Umbrella liability required? 

DCA reserves the right to waive any insurance requirements listed in the RFP based on the unique circumstances of each respondent. For those respondents who do not meet the insurance requirements listed in the RFP, please submit as part of the proposal any applicable insurance policies held by the respondent and an explanation as to why the submitted policies differ from those identified in the RFP. DCA will make further inquiries as needed.   

POSTED 10/2/19 

  1. How many data points are required to be reported for Item VI (B) 1.  A completed worksheet provided by GHFA or DCA

    The worksheet contains the following fields for entry: property information, type of certification (i.e. initial, recertification, or self-certification), household information, rent and income restrictions, Application/Move-In Certification (13 questions), Recertification section (4 questions), and Self-Certification section (3 questions). Only one of the last three sections will be filled out based on the type of certification. For instance, for initial certifications, the Application/Move-In section will be filled out, but the Recertification and Self-Certification section will be left blank. The questions are close-ended, with a section for comments. 

POSTED 9/25/19 

  1. Would DCA be providing all of the 'factor' information for the file reviews - i.e. income limits that should be used in the certifications; utility allowances; max rents and active programs the certifications are meant to comply with? - or would the contractor have to review the governing documents to determine these factors? 

Yes. DCA will provide a Project Worksheet which includes details of the property, such as minimum set-aside, allocation year, placed in service dates, etc. DCA will also provide utility      allowances, income limits, and maximum rent limits for the applicable year. 

  1. Would the file reviews be conducted remotely (i.e. electronically submitted reviews) or would on-site reviews be required?  or both? 

Only electronic file submissions are needed; any on site reviews will be conducted by DCA staff.

  1. If remotely reviewed - will they be uploaded to a website at DCA's where the contractor would be given access OR would the reviewer need to establish a system where the properties would be uploading the files to the contractors web access? 

DCA has a file share program and will provide the vendor a link to use to electronically transfer files

  1. Would the contractor’s communication be solely with DCA or would we be expected to communicate with the owner/management/on-site staff?  (i.e. if there is information missing would we go through DCA to obtain information? 

 All communications are expected to be made solely be through DCA; at no time would a vendor be asked (or permitted) to, correspond with or discuss a file review with an owner/agent 

  1. Will the contractor be expected to 'clear' items cited during a review?

No. The vendor is only expected to audit the files and provide findings to DCA.