A.  9% Applications


9% Applications

  • 2020 9% LIHTC Application Deadline Phased Application Submission

Application Intake for the 2020 9% LIHTC Round has previously been extended to June 18. In response to COVID-19, local government closures, and social distancing guidelines, DCA is making additional adjustments to Application Intake for the 9% Competitive Round this year as follows:

Phased Application Submission:

  • Phase 1:  Core Applications and supporting documentation are due June 18, 2020
  • Phase 2:  Local government letters, certifications, etc. highlighted yellow in the 2020 Core App Checklist are due by July 31, 2020

DCA is committed to announcing awards in 2020. This two-phase application submission process will allow DCA to review applications, score, and announce awards in December 2020, while also allowing the development community more time to get necessary documents for applications.

DCA does not anticipate making individual (development specific) extensions beyond this notice.

DCA will provide an update one week prior to each submission deadline on specific application submission instructions.

B.  DEVELOPMENT Operations

Q & A

Q:  Are Developers of acquisition/rehab properties allowed to suspend relocation requirements during this time frame?

A:  Acquisition/Rehabilitation properties cannot suspend relocation requirements if work in the unit is occurring.

Q:  Did the following interim guideline refer to inspections only or to construction altogether?  Are we allowed to continue exterior rehab work and vacant unit rehab? 

A:  Yes, as long as the local government has not issued a work stoppage as a result of COVID-19, exterior construction and vacant unit renovations may continue.



Resident Engagement

  • The 2019 QAP requirement (Section XIV. Rehabilitation Standards – E. Resident Engagement for Occupied Rehabilitation Projects) is postponed.
  • The 2020 QAP commitment (XXIV. Occupied Developments – B. Resident Feedback on Existing Subsidized Housing) to accept DCA-led resident engagement is still required. However, DCA will not lead resident engagement until further notice.

PIS Deadlines and Credit Exchanges

Please see DCA's memo regarding Extension Requests here