Housing Specialist

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If you are a current landlord or participant and have questions concerning your case, please contact your Housing Specialist.  

Northern Office (Norcross)
Caseload Employee Name Email Phone Number
A - Browning Sheila Ingram sheila.ingram@dca.ga.gov 770-806-2016
Brownlee, C - Dennis, B Natasha Floyd natasha.floyd@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5055
Dennis, C - Easter Michelle Fonville michelle.fonville@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5021
Easterling - Harris, S Wynter Wright wynter.wright@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5094
Harris, Sha - Jones, D Charles Turner charles.turner@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5047
Jones, Dy - McWilliams, L Natosha Locke natosha.locke@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5088
McWilliams, M - Pam Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
Pan - Satchell, C Oyeyemi Oyelola oyeyemi.oyelola@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5045
Satt - Tucker Latasha Salad latasha.salad@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5064
Tuff - Z Vernon Welch vernon.welch@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5037
EHV, PBV, RAD, & Homeownership Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
VASH Michelle Fonville michelle.fonville@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5021
FSS Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
Outgoing Portability/Return Ports Michelle Lee michelle.lee@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5011
Incoming Portability   dca.portin@dca.ga.gov  
Inspection Questions   inspectionsnorth@dca.ga.gov  

Southern Office (Waycross)

Employee Name
Phone Number
Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (A-L) Christy Sills christy.sills@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6283
Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (M-Z) Dalain Williams dalain.williams@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6713
Abbot-Brown,Sham Devonn Smith devonn.smith@dca.ga.gov 912-338-5951
Brown, Shan-Daniels, Q Ayona Hill ayona.hill@dca.ga.gov 912-284-2574
Daniels, R-Gibbs Lee Swinea lee.swinea@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6211
Gibson-Holloway Sherry Dryden sherry.dryden@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6282
Holman-Kelly Linda Driver linda.driver@dca.ga.gov 912-284-2995
Kendrick-McMillian Veronica Jackson veronica.jackson@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6701
McMullen-Rabun Carla Willingham carla.willingham@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6573
Rachel-Smith, J Shannon “Tori” Smith shannon.smith@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6339
Smith, K-Wallace, M Zenobia Shaw zenobia.shaw@dca.ga.gov 912-338-5950
Wallace, N-Young, J Maria Gonzalez maria.gonzalez@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4949
Young, K - Zipperer, VASH Megan Pierce megan.pierce@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4043
Inspection Questions   inspectionssouth@dca.ga.gov  

The ongoing pandemic has caused delays in the timeframe the DCA processes: Annual Recertifications, Interim Recertifications, Incoming Portability, Notice to Vacates, Outgoing Portability, and Rental Increases requests. As a result, we are experiencing significant delays in processing your requests. Please allow us three to five business days to respond to your request via email or phone. The HCV Team is doing our best to process each request accurately, and to ensure your request is routed to the correct team, please send your documents to the below email addresses:

HCV Process
North Office
South Office
Annual Recertification
(Annual Recertification Packets and related documentation)
recertificationsnorth@dca.ga.gov recertificationssouth@dca.ga.gov
Interim Recertifications
(Household Income/Composition Changes)
interimsnorth@dca.ga.gov interimssouth@dca.ga.gov
Incoming Portability
Notice to Vacates
(Move Lease Terminations)
noticetovacatenorth@dca.ga.gov noticetovacatesouth@dca.ga.gov
Outgoing Portability
Owner’s Information
(Owner Changes/Landlord Portal)
Rental Increases
(Rental Increase Form)
rentincreasesnorth@dca.ga.gov rentincreasessouth@dca.ga.gov
Waiting List Inquiries