Housing Specialist

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If you are a current landlord or participant and have questions concerning your case, please contact your Housing Specialist.  

Northern Office (Norcross)

Caseload Employee Name Email Phone Number
A - Browning Amanda Baptiste  amanda.baptiste@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5035
Brownlee, C - Dennis, B Tiffany Brown tiffany.brown@dca.ga.gov 770-806-2016
Dennis, C - Easter Michelle Fonville michelle.fonville@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5021
Easterling - Harris, S Racquel Harrison racquel.harrison@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5031
Harris, Sha - Jones, D Kayentra Johnson kayentra.johnson@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5053
Jones, Dy - McWilliams, L Natosha Locke natosha.locke@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5088
McWilliams, M - Pam Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
Pan - Satchell, C Oyeyemi Oyelola oyeyemi.oyelola@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5045
Satt - Tucker Latasha Salad latasha.salad@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5064
Tuff - Z Vernon Welch vernon.welch@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5037
EHV, PBV, RAD, & Homeownership Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
VASH Michelle Fonville michelle.fonville@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5021
FSS Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5044
Outgoing Portability/Return Ports Michelle Lee michelle.lee@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5011
Notice to Vacates/Mutual Lease Agreements      
A - M Natasha Floyd natasha.floyd@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5055
N - Z Alana Phillip alana.phillip@dca.ga.gov 770-806-5019
Incoming Portability   dca.portin@dca.ga.gov  
Inspection Questions   inspectionsnorth@dca.ga.gov  

Southern Office (Waycross)

Employee Name
Phone Number
Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (A-L) Christy Sills christy.sills@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6283
Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (M-Z) Dalain Williams dalain.williams@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6713
Abbot-Brown,Sham Devonn Smith devonn.smith@dca.ga.gov 912-338-5951
Brown, Shan-Daniels, Q Ayona Hill ayona.hill@dca.ga.gov 912-284-2574
Daniels, R-Gibbs Lee Swinea lee.swinea@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6211
Gibson-Holloway Sherry Dryden sherry.dryden@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6282
Holman-Kelly Linda Driver linda.driver@dca.ga.gov 912-284-2995
Kendrick-McMillian Veronica Jackson veronica.jackson@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6701
McMullen-Rabun Carla Willingham carla.willingham@dca.ga.gov 912-287-6573
Rachel-Smith, J Shannon “Tori” Smith shannon.smith@dca.ga.gov 912-285-6339
Smith, K-Wallace, M Zenobia Shaw zenobia.shaw@dca.ga.gov 912-338-5950
Wallace, N-Young, J Maria Gonzalez maria.gonzalez@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4949
Young, K - Zipperer, VASH Megan Pierce megan.pierce@dca.ga.gov 912-287-4043
Inspection Questions   inspectionssouth@dca.ga.gov