Reasonable Accommodation

Notice Issued Date:  December 27, 2021

RE:  Update to DCA HCV Reasonable Accommodation Request Policy and Procedure

Dear HCV Applicants & Participants:

DCA is committed to ensuring that its policies and procedures do not deny individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in, or benefit from, nor otherwise discriminate against individuals living with disabilities, access to any of DCA’s programs, services and activities.  Therefore, if an individual with a disability requires an accommodation such as a modification to a DCA policy, DCA will continue to provide such accommodation unless doing so would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or undue financial and administrative burden.  In such a case, DCA will speak with the individual requesting the accommodation to discuss alternative accommodations that would not result in a financial or administrative burden.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formally known as Section 8) has updated the procedures to submitting a reasonable accommodation request which can be found here:

If you need a reasonable accommodation, complete the reasonable accommodation request form at the link above and submit them to your assigned housing specialist.  If you have any questions regarding your request or the reasonable accommodation process, you may now contact DCA’s Disability Rights Coordinator via email at

The Disability Rights Coordinator can assist if you:

  • Need help understanding the DCA reasonable accommodation policies and procedures,
  • Have questions about information requested from you to support the review of your request for accommodation, and/or
  • Have questions or concerns about how your request is being/has been handled.

Please note that the reasonable accommodation request form must be submitted to your assigned housing specialist to begin the reasonable accommodation review process.

Best regards,

HCV Management Team