HMIS Data Visualization and GIS Maps

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Basic Info

Data Visualization or Dashboards  can be used to view how we are preventing and ending homelessness in Georgia. 

Interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps can be a useful tool to determine where to go to access these Resources.

These Tools are currently under construction.


GIS Maps

GA HMIS Continuum of Care (CoC) Map Viewer

CARES Homeless Services and Resources Map of Georgia

HOPWA Homeless Services and Resources Map of  Georgia 


GA HMIS Performance Dashboard

GA HMIS Performance Profile

GA HMIS State of Homelessness

GA HMIS Racial Equity with System Performance Measures


Racial Equity

Framework for Racial Equity

Homelessness and Racial Disparity

CoC Racial Equity Analysis Tool



GA Continuum of CARE Websites

GA-500 Atlanta CoC

GA-501 BoS CoC

GA-502 Fulton CoC

GA-503 Athens CoC

GA-504 Augusta CoC

GA-506 Cobb CoC

GA-507 Savannah CoC

GA-508 DeKalb CoC