DCA ESG and HOPWA HSOnline2020 Opening

Hello ESG and HOPWA Grant applicant:


Below is the URL for Housing Solutions Online (HSOnline 2020) Registration and Login:




You will  need to click on HSOnline2020 Registration and Login


You will then need to click on Click Here to Register


You must complete the entire Registration form online to receive your Login and Password.


Your EIN must be in DCA’s Organization Database.  If there is no record of your EIN,  allow 24 hours  for EIN to be entered into our database.  You will then be able to complete your registration and receive your login and password along with Confirmation that you have registered. Please immediately save your password in a secure place as you will need this to log in to complete your Organizational Documents and Applications. If 48 hours has passed since your login request and you did not receive an email that you can now register, email hsonline@dca.ga.gov to report it.


Additional information can be found on the DCA website at https://www.dca.ga.gov/safe-affordable-housing



Additional ESG Information

Click on the following links below for access to important documents on the DCA ESG webpage.


2020 ESG Application Workshop Presentation:



2020 Supplemental Documentation




2020 ESG Application Manual Guidelines



If you have more than one supplemental document file that you need to upload as “other”, you can create a single zip file to upload.

To create Zip file follow instructions below:






Additional HOPWA Information

Click on the following link below to access the application workshop information on the DCA HOPWA webpage.

2020 HOPWA Application Workshop Presentation:





Q and A Webinars

We will be hosting four ESG/HOPWA Application Q and A webinar sessions to cover any questions regarding application content.  Please visit the ESG and HOPWA DCA webpages to see when these webinars are scheduled. We will also send this information to registered HSOnline applicants.





Please feel free to share this notice with others within the state, your region or your community with an interest.