2022 4% HTC/Bonds Competitive Round

Housing Tax Credit Program


Intent to Apply Survey

DCA asks all anticipated applicants for the 4% HTC/Bonds Competitive Round to complete the Intent to Apply Survey (click here) by Friday, September 23, 2022. Please complete a separate survey for each anticipated application.

Competitive Round Submission Instructions

  • 2022 4%/Bond Competitive Round Application documents must be submitted through Emphasys.
    • Emphasys Application Portal: (click here)
    • Application Name: 2022 4% HTC/Bond Competitive Round Application
    • Registration: Upon first visit to portal, applicants must register.
    • Document Submission: Documents may be submitted as one zip file or in multiple zipped files using the separate file upload buttons on the Application Document Upload tab of the Emphasys app (larger zipped files may take more time to upload).
      • Applicants must use the Submission Folder Structure and Electronic File Naming Conventions linked above. If submitting multiple zipped files, zipped files must be named according to the Submission Folder Structure (ex: "08SiteControl").
      • Folders for inapplicable sections may be marked "NA".
    • Fees: Fee payments will not be processed through Emphasys at this time. Applicants will be invoiced following submission.
    • For further instruction, see the Emphasys Submission Instructions linked above.
  • Applicants must complete each tab of the Excel Core Application. 
    • The 2022 4%/Bond Excel Core Application contains all Threshold and Scoring sections in the QAP (regardless of applicability to 4%/Bond applications). Threshold and Scoring sections that are not applicable to the 4%/Bond Competitive Round should be left blank.
  • Refer to the Competitive Round Announcement and Procedures linked above for the list of required documents (p. 2 - Competitive Review Submission Requirements), and the 2022 Qualified Allocation Plan for Threshold and Scoring sections applicable to the 4%/Bonds Competitive Round.
    • There will be no tabs checklist. Applicants are responsible for reviewing the QAP sections to determine what documentation is required to pass Threshold sections and claim points in Scoring sections.


Note: DCA reminds applicants to confirm applications are submitted. Applications that are not formally submitted will not be reviewed. When submitting an application, applicants will receive a prompt that says: "You are about to submit this application. You will not be able to edit your answers after you click OK."

DCA will send email confirmation of receipt after an application is submitted. Confirmation emails for applications submitted before October 14 will be sent by COB the day after submission. For applications submitted on October 14 (Application Submission deadline), confirmation emails will be sent within an hour.

If you do not receive a confirmation within the period defined above, please email Felecia Speakman (Felecia.Speakman@dca.ga.gov) and Sanjana Zahin (Sanjana.Zahin@dca.ga.gov).


For Emphasys submission questions & issues, please contact:

Sanjana Zahin (Sanjana.Zahin@dca.ga.gov)

Meagan Cutler (Meagan.Cutler@dca.ga.gov)

for excel core application technical difficulties, please contact:

Stephen Barrett (Stephen.Barrett@dca.ga.gov)

Meagan Cutler (Meagan.Cutler@dca.ga.gov)

for performance workbook technical difficulties, please contact:

Meagan Cutler (Meagan.Cutler@dca.ga.gov)