PlanFirst Program 2024 Application




The Department of Community Affairs’ PlanFirst program recognizes local governments with a demonstrated record of implementing their Local Comprehensive Plan across the years and multiple planning cycles. In order to apply for PlanFirst designation, a local government must have participated in at least two Local Comprehensive Plan update cycles, and they must also have Qualified Local Government certification and be current on required reporting to DCA. Before you begin the application process, you must inquire with the Office of Planning at regarding your historic performance status and prerequisites by April 15th. To check your current status, please visit:

A multi-agency review panel will evaluate a number of indicators of community success with plan implementation to select communities for this designation. All of these indicators are equally important, but size of the community is taken into consideration in the evaluation so that communities of various sizes are equally competitive for PlanFirst designation.

Instructions: Please answer all the following questions thoroughly, attach additional pages where necessary, so that the reviewers have sufficient information to measure the success of your Local Comprehensive Plan implementation. Supporting documents might include: news articles, legal ads, lists of attendees, letters of support or other evidence of local involvement and commitment to successful plan implementation activities in your community. Total application length, including supporting information and support letters, must not exceed 22 pages (18 for renewals). Text areas will expand as needed. Please send your application as one document, not to exceed 22 pages (18 for renewals). Any pages beyond the 22nd (18th for renewals) will be discarded and not considered for review. Please do not send separate files.