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DCA highlights outstanding initiatives and Planning Success Stories undertaken by Georgia’s 12 Regional Commissions in order to share knowledge and tools that have been successfully implemented to address a diverse range of community and regional issues.   It is hoped that these examples will foster creative thinking, new ideas, and lead to similar initiatives being undertaken across the state.

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Best Practices are proven tools and techniques that may be employed to successfully help the communities in your region to implement the local plan and achieve particular objectives, including regional plan local govenrment performance standards.  They range from simple to complex, incentive-based to regulatory, inexpensive to more costly – so that your community can choose those that best fit local needs and resources. These best practices also support achievement of DCA’s Quality Community Objectives which the DCA Board has endorsed as being critical ingredients for creating a climate of success in Georgia’s communities. 

Please contact us for more information or if you would like help implementing any of these Best Practices.