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Draft Regional Plans for Review & Comment

Current Review Period IS OPEN

DCA's Rules for Regional Planning and Rules for Regionally Important Resources provide for review and comment on regional plans by interested parties. If you would like to review these documents click on the links below. If you would like to comment during the review period, please EMAIL our office. In the subject line of the message, please include the name of the Regional Commission and the plan upon which you'd like to comment. 

Our office has received the following regional plans for official DCA review and the review period will close July 26, 2024.



If you need further information or assistance, please contact DCA’s Office of Planning at 404-679-5279 or email

Plan Descriptions

Regional Plan. The regional plan includes the region’s vision for the future as well as the strategy for achieving the vision. The regional plan considers issues, opportunities and resources that multiple neighboring jurisdictions share and may address in a coordinated fashion.  One community may not have resources to address an issue, but several communities working together may be able to address the issue collectively. Looking beyond local governmental boundaries and sharing efforts can produce effective solutions for greenspace, water and sewer infrastructure, educational needs, solid waste management and many other community development resources.

Regional Plan - Annual Implementation Program Report. This annual report includes a report of accomplishments, a local government performance standards status update, and an updated five year regional work program if needed. The work program includes specific activities the regional commission will undertake to implement the regional plan during the five year planning period.

Regional Resource Plan. This is a plan for the protection and management of identified regionally important resources. This plan is a component of the regional plan and is actively promulgated by the regional commission in an effort to coordinate activities and planning of local governments, land trusts and conservation or environmental protection groups active in the region, and state agencies toward protection and management of the identified resources.