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Georgia’s water issues are complex and challenging. We encourage all local governments to be good stewards of water (and all other) resources. Whether rural, urban, or somewhere in-between, each Georgia community has the capacity to take care of its resources.  

Local government water stewardship includes seven categories:

  • Watershed Assessment
  • Stormwater Master Planning
  • Water Supply Planning
  • Water Supply Protection
  • Water Conservation
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems and Management
  • Water Reclamation and Reuse

Georgia's Water Conservation Implementation Plan: Georgia's Water Conservation Implementation Plan 

Become a WaterFirst Community:

The WaterFirst Community program is available to those governments that have achieved excellence in water resource management.   The  Department  gives statewide recognition to communities meeting the goals of the WaterFirst program.  As a WaterFirst Community a local government is eligible for financial and other benefits from the state.  Becoming a WaterFirst community demonstrates a government's commitment to responsible water stewardship for environmental and economic benefits today and in the future.

WaterFirst is:

  • A voluntary partnership between local governments, state agencies and other organizations working together to increase the quality of life in communities through the wise management and protection of water resources
  • Thinking beyond political boundaries, recognizing the inextricable links created by shared water resources, and considering the watershed as a whole
  • Pursuing and rewarding environmental excellence beyond what is required by law in the management and protection of water resources
  • An important step that communities can take to protect valuable water resources for both environmental and economic benefits today and tomorrow.

Benefits include:

  • State-wide recognition for environmental stewardship.
  • An interest rate reduction on loans made from GEFA's Georgia Fund.
  • Eligibility for annual applications to the Community Development Block Grant fund for water-related projects.
  • Priority for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources 319 Grant Program.

For more information please visit: https://gefa.georgia.gov/waterfirst