Updates to the National Register nomination process- including a new photo policy!

The National Park Service issues periodic updates to the National Register nomination process - including this new photo policy! When these updates are issued, our National Register Team ensures nominations conform to these revisions before they are submitted to the NPS.

Recent updates include: 
  • Updated Photograph Policy, Jan 2024
  • Best Practices Review on Preparing a Concise Statement of Significance, Sept 2023
  • Best Practices Review on Evaluating Garages and Outbuildings, Jan 2023
  • Best Practices Review on Evaluating Common Resources, July 2023

You can access these guidance documents any time on the National Park Service website, https://www.nps.gov/subjects/nationalregister/publications.htm, to read about each of them in more depth. The Historic Preservation Division (HPD) National Register team also updates instructions in our Packets to reflect these changes.

A big change that we are particularly pleased to announce is the acceptance of National Register photos in JPEG format! Until earlier this year, the National Park Service required National Register photos be submitted in TIF format, which was often challenging for applicants to produce and resulted in incredibly large file sizes that were cumbersome to manage. The ability to submit photos in JPEG format should greatly simplify the photography portion of National Register nominations!

We consistently update the guidance in the Packets to provide our constituency with the most current information needed to process nominations as quickly as possible. The updated HPD Packets reflecting the most up to date National Park Service guidelines can be found on our website, Part 2: Formal Nomination | Georgia Department of Community Affairs (Gago)