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Documenting Properties for the National Register of Historic Places

For proposed National Register nominations, please consult the following items for assistance in researching and documenting a historic property and/or district. Documentation for the National Register differs depending on the type of property or district being nominated. For complex or less well known or researched properties, please contact HPD’s National Register staff for additional guidance.

Building Types and Architectural Styles

The Historic Preservation Division (HPD) developed standard terminology for building types and architectural styles in Georgia to assist in identifying and documenting historic resources. Buildings are identified according to their type, which is the overall form of the building, height, and floorplan. The architectural style of a building is the exterior decoration. Building may or may not express a particular architectural style.

See: Building Types and Architectural Styles 

Statewide Historic Contexts

A number of statewide historic context studies are available for Georgia’s historic resources.

See: Statewide Historic Contexts

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