Revitalization Area Strategies

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Mr. Glenn Misner

The Revitalization Area Strategies designation provides incentives to communities who implement comprehensive redevelopment activities for targeted areas in their city or county. A local government with a RAS designation may receive bonus points on its annual CDBG application and the ability to apply annually for CDBG funds for three years, provided that all DCA timeliness criteria are met.  

The program was introduced by DCA in 2005 after conferring with local government elected officials, local government and regional commission staff members and consultants. These incentives were approved by HUD and are now part of the method of distribution in the state’s Consolidated Plan. The program rewards innovative local strategies and a commitment to redevelop a targeted area with a comprehensive, collaborative approach that includes private and public partners. Areas chosen for this program must be located in census block group(s) with 20% or greater poverty where an Urban Redevelopment Plan has been adopted.