2017 Homeowner Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

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To assist the most vulnerable families in their recovery efforts, Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) developed a Homeowner Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program (HRRP) to meet housing needs identified in the 2017 Unmet Needs Action Plan. 

This program is designed to provide safe, secure, and disaster resistant housing for residents impacted by the two January 2017 tornado events and Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The program is critical to the long-term recovery strategies of the Most Impacted and Distressed (MID) zip codes: 31520, 31548, and 31701, 31705, and 31707. 

The program will address rehabilitation, reconstruction, or replacement, and/or elevation of existing or destroyed housing units. The program will be available to single-family homeowners who owned the property at the time of the disaster and were using the home as their primary residence.  The program will be implemented by the following local governments within the identified MID zip codes: City of Brunswick, City of Kingsland, and Dougherty County.