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In February of 2018, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocated $64,904,000 to the State of Georgia to address the extensive, unmet needs in the regions of the state impacted by the two tornadic events of January 2017 (DR-4294 and DR-4297) and Hurricane Irma (DR-4338) in September of the same year. Later, in January 2020, HUD provided the state with an additional $13,015,596 to be used specifically towards the repair of public infrastructure that was damaged during the storms.

Upon approval of the 2017 CDBG-DR Amendment #2, DCA will have allocated $16,500,000 of the CDBG-DR funding to be used towards its infrastructure program. These funds will be eligible for use by the MID areas: City of Albany/Dougherty County, City of Brunswick/Glynn County, and City of Kingsland/Camden County. To be awarded the funding, the local governments will be expected to submit proposed activities to DCA through the eCivis Web Portal, to be evaluated based on criteria such as strategy, feasibility, demographic need, cost to implement, leverage of additional resources, and readiness to proceed.