PlanFirst Success Story: Cochran Implements Citywide Sewer Rehab

The City of Cochran had cause to celebrate after making $1.1 million in improvements to its sewer system over the course of 2021. 

These improvements, part of the Phase II Sewer Rehabilitation project listed in the Joint Comprehensive Plan, have reduced city inflow and infiltration into the city’s wastewater treatment plant. 

This project was conducted by Renee Group, Inc. (RGI), funded by Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) funds.  

RGI spent the better part of 2021 raising manholes and inspecting sewer lines to find sources of sewer inflow and infiltration. 

It was difficult finding the root cause of city sewer issues from the road surface, so RGI used CCTV cameras to quickly identify the issues.  

The contractor did this for all 26 miles of city sewer lines, then slip-lining – a technique using cured-in-place-pipes (CIPP) – six of those miles holding the most deterioration. 

Instead of being forced to dig the piping up, the CIPP allowed RGI to rehabilitate the sewer system by running a felt lining filled with pipe resin through a substandard pipe. 

The resin attaches to the walls of the sewer pipe and is “cured-in-place,” thus restoring functionality to that section of sewer lining. 

This process was a lifesaver for the project budget. 

Given the project is part of a GEFA loan/loan forgiveness financing package, the City of Cochran was able to improve its sewer lines and their efficiency for a lower cost.