PlanFirst Success Story: Affordable Infill construction creates home ownership in Carrollton

Carrolton, GA. – New life came to the City of Carrollton in 2020 with the sale of three new homes –quality homes that were all sold for $40,000 below their initial property value.  

That’s an unheard-of precedence, especially now, but it speaks to the spirit of the city – a spirit of revitalization. 

Historically, the area near the now-abandoned Carver High School thrived.  

By 2019, the area was a shadow of its former self, littered with several infill lots holding single-family, dilapidated homes demolished almost a decade earlier. 

These infill lots contained overgrowth and were overlooked by developers. The City of Carrollton knew it needed more affordable housing amenities given it was a point of assertion for many public comments at the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update public meetings. 

Their comments became grounds for new policy statements (Pages 24 and 25; #1,2,3,16,23) in the Comprehensive Plan to be used as a guide for residential growth.  

The City of Carrollton kept these statements in mind as it took a chance on three infill lots to develop new homes.  

Carrollton received approval in January 2019 from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) for the three lots to be added as new construction in “the greatest area of need” in Carroll County. 

DCA would have the city utilize Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds of which it set aside $3.4 million from NSP1 (2004) and $1.19 million from NSP3 (2009).  and, subsequently, began work on them.  

The city then began construction, building three new single-family homes (three bed, two bath and 1,025 square feet) by 2020. 

These properties were made to be affordable and were sold to buyers whose household income fell below 50% of the area median income. Three local families fit the criteria and the homes were bought soon after construction finished. 

These new homeowners are bringing value to the community and are building their own wealth by owning the homes rather than renting.  

They and their homes serve as a catalyst for nearby property renovation. In turn, Carrollton stands out as a beacon for affordable housing in a market where it is greatly needed.