Impact of the Federal Government Partial Shutdown on DCA

The ongoing shutdown of the federal government has a potential impact on the various federally-funded programs administered by DCA.  To date, DCA has been able to deliver most services without disruption.  DCA’s ability to continue services without interruption will depend on how long the federal shutdown lasts.   

DCA leadership continues to assess all potential impacts of a prolonged shutdown, based on federal agency contingency plans and available shutdown guidance.  The agency is also in contact with federal partners, where available, and other state agencies who are similarly affected.  Based on available information, DCA expects to sustain most operations for the foreseeable future. 

The federal shutdown does not affect each DCA program in the same way.  Some programs are entirely unaffected, while others have made internal operational changes to sustain programs that have already been affected.  The following federally funded programs are all subject to shutdown impacts.

Programs with activities Suspended during the shutdown

  • CDBG Disaster Recovery – implementation of this program is temporarily suspended, pending HUD approval for the 2017 DR Action Plan.  DCA continues to take steps to rapidly deploy disaster funding once given authorization by HUD.

Programs with activities Potentially Impacted by a prolonged shutdown

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
  • Homelessness Assistance Programs
  • HOME Program
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program

Programs that are Not Impacted by the shutdown

  • HomeSafe Georgia Program
  • AmeriCorps Program

DCA will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep customers, staff, and stakeholders informed of any significant changes.