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Welcome to the 2017 Wage and Salary Survey. The information collected with this survey comprises one of DCA's most popular data sets. It is used by many local governments and other organizations for compensation studies, budget preparation, and other purposes. Given the widespread use of this data, your government's participation in the survey is extremely important. We appreciate your participation.

Instructions for First Time Users

If you are unfamiliar with this Survey, you may wish to follow the steps outlined below.

1. Print a copy of the Sample survey pages (and, if needed, the job descriptions) to use as a reference when compiling your information before logging in to the online survey.

2. Once you have compiled your information, login below using your government's USERID and PASSWORD. If you do not have your government’s User ID and Password, send an email request for that information (from your government email address) to DCA.Research@dca.ga.gov

You may:

  • complete the survey one section at a time or all at once;
  • edit sections of the survey up until you click "submit" on the certification section of the survey;
  • print/view any or all sections during and after they are completed.

When you have FINISHED all Sections of the Survey, you must click "SUBMIT" in the Certification Section in order for DCA to receive your responses.

Wage and Salary Survey Login


Note:  For best results, use Internet Explorer as your web browser when completing the Wage and Salary Survey.  Use of Firefox Mozilla, Safari, and other internet browsers can result in complications and technical problems including loss of your data.

If you have any questions, please contact DCA.Research@dca.ga.gov