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The Regional Multi-Day Program

The Academy's multi-day regional program provides participants with an understanding of the complexities of economic and community development, and tools to assist in the development of their region. The program, through a variety of defined activities, takes an in-depth review of possible economic development opportunities and strategies. The multi-day program takes place over a four-month period, including four days of instruction combining lecture, exercises, guest expert presentations, and other forms to keep the program interesting and interactive.

The Academy's program provides crucial leadership training as well, in such areas as consensus building, team development, and other critical leadership skills.

Are you eager to make a difference in the economic future of your community, your region, and the state of Georgia? If so, apply for the Georgia Academy for Economic Development. See the calendar for the dates this will be offered in your region, and contact information for an application. The multi-day program is taught annually in each of the state's twelve service delivery regions. For a map of these regions, please click here.

What is included?

The current Academy curriculum (which is reviewed and updated annually) includes:

  • Essentials of Economic Development - the basics of Community Development, Leadership Development, and Business Development
  • Show me the money! - A look at where funding for economic development comes from, and the implications for the local community
  • Tax Digest - a review of your community's tax digest, and how this affects economic and community development
  • Diversity and Teams
  • Homework - a thorough review of a community within the region, learning how consultants, corporations and project managers decide upon possible new business locations
  • M.I.N.D. Design - a tool for determining your team styles in the workplace, and how to work with those with different styles
  • Business Development - Traditional Recruitment, presented by the Department of Economic Development (DEcD)
  • Planning
  • Downtown Development - the role downtowns play in community and economic development, presented by DCA
  • Consensus Building
  • Ethical Decision Making in Public Service
  • Tourism Product Development -opportunities within your community and region for new tourism attractions and guests, presented by DEcD
  • Regional Resources - guests from six to eight regional, state and federal organizations that offer technical and funding assistance for community and economic development
  • The Economics of Education - how education impacts Economic Development and discussion of community efforts for positive impact
  • Toon Town  Case Study - a group exercise that makes participants consider all they've learned during the course, and put it all together to address community/economic development opportunities

The Georgia Academy for Economic Development is not a passive process. Each participant is expected to attend all sessions and complete all homework.

Who should attend?

Elected and appointed officials, business people, staff members in economic and community development organizations, and civic and grassroots leaders are encouraged to apply. If you play a role in economic development in your community or region, you need this course!


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