Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)

  • Basic Info

Program Description & Certification Requirements

A Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) is a special type of non-profit housing designation under the HOME Investment Partnership Program created by The Cranston-Gonzalez 1990 National Affordable Housing Act (NAHA). Among the purposes of NAHA, as amended, are to promote partnerships between States, units of general local government and nonprofit organizations, and to expand a nonprofit organizations' capacity to develop and manage decent and affordable housing. The State of Georgia's HOME allocations contain, at a minimum, a fifteen (15%) percent set aside for CHDOs.

Organizational & Experience

The CHDO must have a formal process for low-income, program beneficiaries to advise the organization in all of its decisions regarding the design, development and management of all HOME-assisted or HOME-eligible affordable housing developments. The organizational board structure may not have no more one-third board of its governing board's membership for residents of low-income neighborhoods, other low-income community residents, or elected representatives of low-income neighborhoods organizations. The organization must have a history of serving the service areas where HOME-assisted or HOME-eligible housing is located and employ staff that have the capacity to carry out affordable housing development.