Request for Proposal (RFP)

Physical Site Inspection RFP

***Updated 3/19/2021***

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs is pleased to announce that the following entities have been selected for contracts under the Physical Site Inspection Services RFP issued on February 4, 2021:

  • Construction Project Specialists, Inc.
  • Goliath Construction LLC
  • National Housing Services, LLC
  • The Inspection Connection Group, Inc.
  • The Inspection Group, Inc.
  • Walker-Bryant Associates, Inc.
  • Zeffert & Associates, Inc
  • Seal the Deal, LLC
  • Evans Consulting Services

DCA staff will reach out to each entity over the next week to get the contracting process started. DCA appreciates the time and effort put into responding to the RFP and looks forward to working with each entity on the preservation of successful and sustainable affordable housing in Georgia.

Archived RFP Content

The below archived content is provided for historical information only. Please do not rely on links or instructions below for any current communication with DCA. 

Expired March 19, 2021

The Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (the "Authority" or "GHFA") seeks to procure the services of a contractor (“Contractor”) for the provision of physical site inspection services for compliance with the rules and regulations of GHFA’s various multifamily affordable housing programs. The programs of GHFA are administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (“DCA”), a legislatively created executive branch of the State government.

DCA’s Office of Portfolio Management monitors housing projects that are part of GHFA’s various multifamily affordable housing programs for compliance with federal regulations. As part of the monitoring process, DCA periodically conducts physical site inspections for each project for compliance with all applicable program rules and regulations. DCA has undertaken the responsibility of engaging a Contractor to conduct the physical site inspections on DCA’s behalf. 

Click here for the Physical Site Inspection RFP.

  • Proposals Due (receipt by GHFA) - February 26, 2021 (by 4:00PM, EST)
  • Selected for Oral Presentations (if GHFA deems necessary) - Week of March 1, 2021
  • Announcement of Selected Contractors - No later than March 12, 2021

Questions and Answers

Email all Physical Site Inspection RFP questions to and copy Questions are due by 4pm EST on February 19, 2021.

1. Posted 2/9/2021

Q: Can we use previous DCA inspection reports as samples?

A: Yes, you may use previous DCA inspection reports to satisfy the requirements of Section VII(C)(3) of the RFP.

2. Posted 2/9/2021

Q: How do we submit RFP responses that are too large to attach to an email?

A: Pursuant to Section IV of the RFP, all Proposals shall be submitted electronically to If Proposals are too large to attach to an email, then Proposals may be submitted via ShareFile using the following link: If you submit your Proposal via ShareFile then you must also send an email to informing DCA that you submitted your Proposal via ShareFile. All Proposals, whether submitted via email or ShareFile, will receive a confirmation email from DCA shortly after the submission is received. If you submit a Proposal and do not receive a confirmation email then please email Nick Sexton at  

3. Posted 2/12/2021

Q: Can DCA provide a copy of the DCA Standard Housing Code Inspection Checklist and the Site and Neighborhood forms?

A: Below are samples of the documents currently required by DCA for physical site inspections. These are provided for reference only. DCA reserves the right to require contracted inspectors to use different or additional documents. Please note that DCA anticipates migrating to a digital reporting platform in the near future, which may make the below documents obsolete.

4. Posted 2/12/2021

Q: Can DCA provide a sample report?

A: Please refer to the above samples. Note that DCA anticipates migrating to a digital reporting platform in the near future, which may make the above documents obsolete. 

5. Posted 2/12/2021

Q: Approximately how many site inspections will be needed per month?

A: In the past, DCA has averaged between 400 and 600 unit inspections per month. It is anticipated that once normal inspection operations resume, the average unit inspections per month will be closer to 600. DCA cannot guarantee a minimum number of inspection per contracted inspector. Allocation of inspections among contracted inspectors will be based on several factors, including, but not limited to, geography, capacity, price, and experience. 

6. Posted 2/19/2021

Q: Can DCA provide more information on the Qualified Contract Inspections?

A: Qualified Contract Inspections will be similar to Comprehensive Physical Inspections with all low-income units, buildings, and common areas  inspected for compliance with UPCS standards. Inspectors will be required to perform follow-up inspections to verify that all instances of non-compliance have been corrected.

7. Posted 2/19/2021

Q: Will contractors be charged a license fee for the use of inspection software?

A: Contractors will not be charged a license fee for the use of inspection software adopted by DCA. However, contractors will be responsible for the cost of any necessary hardware, such as tablets or other similar devices.

8. Posted 2/19/2021

Q: Do current DCA contractors have to submit sample reports or will DCA access previously submitted reports from that contractor?

A: Pursuant to Section VII(C)(3), respondents are required to submit samples of physical site inspection reports already performed for clients. All respondents, including current DCA contractors, must submit these samples as part of their proposal package. DCA will not review any samples that are not submitted as part of a respondent’s proposal to the RFP. 

9. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: How many contractors were awarded during the last contract year?

A: The last RFP for physical site inspection services was issued in 2017 and five contractors were selected. DCA anticipates selecting at least five contractors under this current 2021 RFP.

10. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: How many inspections were performed during the last contract period?

A: In the past DCA has averaged close to 25-30 properties per month for an average closer to 360 properties per year.  Please see the response to question #5  for the average number of units inspected.

11. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Is the HUD Form 52580 utilized in the inspection process or are the forms limited to the UPCS rating form and other forms included in the Q&A?

A: Please see the response to question #3 above. The forms provided in this Q&A are currently the only forms utilized by DCA. However, this is subject to change.

12. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Is DCA planning to become an NSPIRE demonstration agency?

A: Currently there are no plans for DCA to become an NSPIRE demonstration agency. However, this is subject to change.

13. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: If you migrate to a digital reporting platform will there be an import/export bridge established to share data?

A: DCA anticipates the adoption of a digital platform that will allow DCA and contractors to electronically exchange and share data.

14. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: What is the current data compliation/storage mechanism used by DCA?

A: Currently DCA accepts report submissions in the following formats: scanned PDF documents, Macro Excel Workbooks and Worksheets, and photos that are submitted in Word or PDF format.  Final report submissions are primarily sent to DCA by email, DropBox, or ShareFile. Please note that DCA anticipates migrating to a digital reporting platform in the near future, which may make these documents obsolete.

15. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Will all inspections be conducted per UPCS protocol?

A: The vast majority of inspections conducted by contracted inspectors will involve UPCS protocols. However, some inspections, such as Resident Concern Inspections, may involve non-compliance issues that are separate from UPCS protocols. In those instances, contractors will receive specific instructions from DCA.

16. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: What protocol will be applied to the Extended Use Inspections, Qualified Contract Inspections, Resident Concern Inspections, and inspections of proposed sites?

A: Please see answers below. 

  • Extended Use Inspections - Currently, Extended Use Period Inspections do not include unit inspections, but do include all other UPCS protocol inspectable areas. 
  • Qualified Contract Inspections  - See the response to question #6 above. 
  • Resident Concern Inspections - Such inspections may involve UPCS protocols, but may also involve non-compliance issues that don’t fit squarely into any established protocol. 
  • Inspection of Proposed Sites - Such inspections will likely be limited to conducting site observations to verify basic information. DCA’s Office of Housing Finance contracts with inspectors separately for the service of proposed site inspections.
17. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Can you utilize our own proprietary inspection software?

A: Contractors will be required to use forms produced by DCA and any future software adopted by DCA. Proprietary software may be utilized to the extent it does not interfere with the process, forms, and software required by DCA.

18. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: How do you currently manage the paper inspection process?

A: Contractors complete the forms provided by DCA and submit them via email, Dropbox, or Sharefile. DCA has a separate contract for the services of tenant file reviews/inspections. This RFP is limited to physical site inspections only. 

19. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Can you provide the current fee structure for established contractors?

A: The rates under DCA’s current physical site inspection contracts range from $21/unit to $75/unit. Hourly rates for non-unit inspections range from $60/hour to $100/hour. Please be aware that proposed rates are just one criteria used by DCA to evaluate proposals and award contracts. Please see Section XI of the RFP for all evaluation criteria.

20. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Can you provide additional details for the Extended Use Period Inspection? Will these inspections be exterior only or will they also include the interior of buildings and/or units?

A: Currently, Extended Use Period Inspections do not include unit inspections, but do include all other UPCS protocol inspectable areas.  In the past, Extended Use Period inspections were billed hourly to DCA and include no other separate fees or reimbursements to inspection consultant. Please note that pursuant to Section VII(H) of the RFP, respondents shall include a per-unit rate and an hourly rate for Extended Use Inspections.

21. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Will the Qualified Contract Inspections also include the inspection of all buildings, common areas, and site? Will the report format and forms be the same as the Comprehensive Physical Inspections?

A: Please see the response to Question #6 above.

22. Posted 2/23/2021

Q: Due to the size of the sample reports, is there a file size limit that can accept?

A: Please see the response to question #2 above.