Housing Choice Voucher Program Information

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Application Assistance Hotline: (888) 858-6085

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), also known as Section 8, is a tenant-based rental assistance program that assists extremely low and low income individuals and families rent safe, decent, and affordable dwelling units in the private rental market. Any family wishing to receive HCV assistance must apply for admission through DCA’s Applicant Portal.  If you wish to learn more about applying to the HCV program, becoming a Landlord with our program, or particpant information please click the links below.

Applying to the Housing Choice Voucher Program

Wait List Openings

Landlord Information

Participant Information

If you are a current landlord or participant and have questions concerning your case, please contact your Housing Specialist at the email below.  Any questions concerning files once handled out of our Eastman office, please call (912) 285-6280 or (888) 879-2549. 

Northern Office (Norcross)
Caseload Employee Name Email
MFP/Enhanced/Tenant Protection/Mainstream/PBV/Admin Ports Danielle Bridges danielle.bridges@dca.ga.gov
A-BALE Tameka Bernard tameka.bernard@dca.ga.gov
BALL-BOOK Ishaaq Jones      ishaaq.jones@dca.ga.gov
BOON-BURKE Valerie Gelmini valerie.gelmini@dca.ga.gov
BURKES-CLARK, C Yamiley Gilbert yamiley.gilbert@dca.ga.gov
CLARK, D-CURTIS, V Shanita Elam     shanita.elam@dca.ga.gov
CURTIS, W-DUGGER, M Shalonda Bender shalonda.bender@dca.ga.gov
DUGGER, N-FOREST Latasha Salad latasha.salad@dca.ga.gov
FORNEY,C-GRANT, A Sandra Kelley sandra.kelley@dca.ga.gov
GRANT B-HARVEY, C Natasha Floyd natasha.floyd@dca.ga.gov
HARVEY, D-HOR Amanda Baptiste amanda.baptiste@dca.ga.gov
HOS-HUNN Sonji Greene-Prothro sonji.greene-prothro@dca.ga.gov
HUNT-JOHNSON,F Theresa Baker theresa.baker@dca.ga.gov
JOHNSON, G-KIG Princess Cato princess.cato@dca.ga.gov
KIL-LOP Jessica Fullard jessica.fullard@dca.ga.gov
LOR-MCF Vernon Welch vernon.welch@dca.ga.gov
MCG-MORG Natosha Locke natosha.locke@dca.ga.gov
MORH-PATR Kayentra Johnson kayentra.johnson@dca.ga.gov
PATT-RAM Nina Abbas nina.abbas@dca.ga.gov
RAN-ROSS Leslie Palmer leslie.palmer@dca.ga.gov
ROSSE-SHERN Racquel Harrison racquel.harrison@dca.ga.gov
SHERP-STANF Shavona McCalep shavona.mccalep@dca.ga.gov
STANK-THORNE Mary Donaldson mary.donaldson@dca.ga.gov
THORNT-WALTE Michelle Fonville michelle.fonville@dca.ga.gov
WALTH-WILLIAMS, G  Oyeyemi Oyelola oyeyemi.oyelola@dca.ga.gov
WILLIAMS, H.-Z Stephanie Mitchell stephanie.mitchell@dca.ga.gov
VASH (Augusta / Eastpoint) Phazalia Wright phazalia.wright@dca.ga.gov
FSS/Homeownership Sonji Greene-Prothro sonji.greene-prothro@dca.ga.gov
Port Out Tashica McCoy tashica.mccoy@dca.ga.gov
Transfer of Ownership/LL Portal Tiffany Gordon tiffany.gordon@dca.ga.gov
Inspection Questions   inspectionsnorth@dca.ga.gov

Southern Office (Waycross)

Caseload Employee Name Email
Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake  (A-L) Christy Sills christy.sills@dca.ga.gov
Port-ins, Port-outs, DOJ Intake (M-Z) Dalain Williams dalain.williams@dca.ga.gov
VASH, Owner Transfers, Fraud Referrals Megan Pierce megan.pierce@dca.ga.gov
Abbot-Bray Devonn Smith devonn.smith@dca.ga.gov
Brazil-Clayton Ayona Hill ayona.hill@dca.ga.gov
Clements-Doyle Lee Swinea lee.swinea@dca.ga.gov
Dozier-Gowdy Sylvia Gray sylvia.gray@dca.ga.gov
Grable-Hills Sherry Dryden sherry.dryden@dca.ga.gov
Hines-Johnson Linda Driver linda.driver@dca.ga.gov
Joiner-Loud Veronica Jackson veronica.jackson@dca.ga.gov
Love-Monroe Teresa Carter teresa.carter@dca.ga.gov
Monroy-Porto Carla Willingham carla.willingham@dca.ga.gov
Posey-Scott Rebecca Blanchard rebecca.blanchard@dca.ga.gov
Scrutchins- Taylor Shannon “Tori” Smith shannon.smith@dca.ga.gov
Teaque-West Zenobia Shaw zenobia.shaw@dca.ga.gov
Westbrook-Zipperer Maria Gonzalez Maria.Gonzalez@dca.ga.gov
Inspection Questions   inspectionssouth@dca.ga.gov