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The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) in coordination with the Georgia Emergency Management Assistance (GEMA), Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), and Department of Public Health (DPH) are pulling together the resources communities may be seeking during this COVID-19 pandemic. Click on any of the buttons below to access these resources.

COVID-19 testing sites are located on the Georgia Department of Public Health Website. You can find the list of sites here.

Georgia Emergency Management Assistance (GEMA) COVID-19 Website

Disclaimer: Goods and Services provided on this listing have not been endorsed by DCA and are meant to serve as a resource only. DCA cannot be held responsible for the failure of contractors to perform their duties. Additional due diligence should be undertaken by those procuring any of these goods or services. Vendor participation on this list is considered voluntary. Further, DCA holds no liability for any services provided on this list and therefore holds no liability if anyone should choose to utilize any of these goods or services. There are no expressed written or verbal guarantees that your goods or services will be utilized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can our agency find testing for a symptomatic client?

Testing sites are located on the Georgia Department of Public Health Website.  You can find the list of sites here:

Where can our agency find masks?

Click on our COVID-19 Supplies tab located here:

Masks will be listed with contact information.

How can I get better connectivity where I live? Especially for my kids since they are going to school online.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) is working with a non-profit partner that has the ability to provide connectivity in rural communities and solve what they deem as the “homework gap”.  Here is where you can make a request -

How do those homeless apply for the $1,200 from the IRS?