2023 Pre-Application Forms

Housing Tax Credit Program

2023 Pre-Application Instructions


  • Please use the above forms for 2023 Pre-Application Submissions.
  • 2023 Pre-Application documents must be submitted through Emphasys 
  • Fee payments will not be processed through Emphasys at this time; all fees will be invoiced to applicants within two weeks of Pre-Application submission.
  • Follow this link to register for Emphasys Developer account and access Application Collector Portal, where you will submit application documents. 
  • Upon first visit to the Application Collector Portal, click “Register” to create an account 
  • A PowerPoint guide with Submission Instructions is located here 
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2023 QAP and Related Documents website "Questions and Answers" Survey and Responses

Emphasys submission questions or issues? Please contact: 

Meagan Cutler      Meagan.Cutler@dca.ga.gov

Sanjana Zahin     Sanjana.Zahin@dca.ga.gov  

Performance Workbook technical difficulties? Please contact:     

Stephen Vlkovic    Stephen.Vlkovic@dca.ga.gov 

Supplemental Pre-Application WORKBOOK technical difficulties? Please contact:     

Stephen Barrett     Stephen.Barrett@dca.ga.gov