2021 Pre-Application Forms

Housing Tax Credit Program

2021 Pre-Application Instructions

  • Please use the above forms for 2021 Pre-App Submissions.
  • 2021 Pre-Application documents must be submitted through Emphasys
  • Fee payments will not be processed through Emphasys at this time
    • All fees are due at the time of Pre-Determination/Waiver Submission. Please make all checks payable to Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (GHFA). DCA will not accept any requests without the appropriate fees.
    • Please include with the fee check a printed paper copy of the completed Pre-Application Submission Form and Checklist (the tab showing the Total Fees Due) for identification purposes. Before printing, please confirm that the new "Check Nbr" box located beside the Total Fees amount on the form has been utilized.
    • Fees must be delivered to:

DCA Offices

60 Executive Park South NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30329

ATTN: Felecia Speakman

  • Follow this link to register for Emphasys Developer account and access Application Collector Portal, where you will submit application documents.
  • Upon first visit to the Application Collector Portal, click “Register” to create account
  • A PowerPoint guide with Submission Instructions is located here

Emphasys submission questions or issues? Please contact:

Ryan Fleming        ryan.fleming@dca.ga.gov

Carissa Connelly   carissa.connelly@dca.ga.gov

Meagan Cutler      meagan.cutler@dca.ga.gov

Performance Workbook technical difficulties? Please contact:    Stephen Vlkovic    stephen.vlkovic@dca.ga.gov

Pre-Application Submission Form and Checklist technical difficulties? Please contact:    Stephen Barrett    stephen.barrett@dca.ga.gov