Listing of FY2018 Registered Local Authorities (As of May 27, 2022)

Local Government Authorities

Attached is an alphabetical listing of all local authorities registered with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs as of May 27, 2022, in accordance with OCGA § 36-80-16. This listing includes both a) authorities with FYE dates of January-June that have been registered through the combined Annual Authority Registration and Financial (AARF) reporting interface, and b) authorities with FYE dates of July-December which have registered through

Note, upon completion of the FY2018 AARF, authorities are no longer required to complete a stand-alone registration. Please see the AARF transition guide and form template at this link for additional information. the Annual Authority Registration interface.

This list is updated and posted on Friday afternoons. Any questions or follow-up information requests should be sent to and a member of the research staff will respond ASAP.