The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) was charged with identifying and designating providers to deliver training to Regional Industrial Development Authorities, as established by the Georgia General Assembly during the 2022 legislative session through House Bill 1044. Regional Industrial Development Authorities were created to provide additional incentives to businesses locating within industrial parks developed through the cooperation of multiple counties, as evidenced by revenue and cost-sharing agreements in a regional industrial park.

House Bill 1044 emphasized the need for coordinated and consistent training associated with members serving on Regional Industrial Development Authorities. Completion of training by a designated provider is a requirement for authority membership. House Bill 1044 called for DCA to establish a process by which providers were designated, and identify a set of providers by whom Regional Industrial Development Authority members may satisfy training requirements.

DCA is a state agency whose mission is to help build strong, vibrant communities. While certainly not all encompassing, one area in which DCA seeks to achieve its mission is through work with communities on economic development planning and initiatives. The agency seeks qualification statements and proposals from individuals, entities, or institutions seeking to be considered DCA-designated providers of training to satisfy the 8-hour requirement for members of Regional Industrial Development Authorities.

DCA will receive proposals for providers who seek designation as a provider for the period ending December 31, 2024. Responses to the RFQ will be due to DCA no later than 5:00 PM on October 14, 2022. DCA will review the responses and publish a 2023-2024 designated provider list no later than November 14, 2022. Training may commence at any time following a provider being designated by DCA, but providers should be prepared to deliver such training no later than the second quarter of calendar year 2023 in the event that Regional Industrial Development Authorities are created and are seeking training that is mandated to be in place no later than July 1, 2023.


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