Success Story: HomeSafe Georgia

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs offers a wide variety of resources to enhance the lives of people across the Peach State. From local government assistance, community and economic development, and safe and affordable housing, DCA’s focus is always on the betterment of people and their communities.

Pamela Sawejko is one of the many Georgia residents who benefited from one of our programs. HomeSafe, a free federally funded and state-run mortgage assistance program, helps homeowners who suffered involuntary unemployment or other types of financial hardships save their home from foreclosures. There are no costs to apply and no fees if approved.

“My husband lost his job after 25 years,” she said. “He got sick after that, and we were unable to make our mortgage payments.” While at the unemployment office, they spotted information about HomeSafe.

Pamela praised the program – especially the staff support. She said, “I had a case manager, Calvin. He was great! He guided [and] kept me in the loop throughout the process.”

The Sawejkos received HomeSafe assistance totaling nearly $40,000, saving her home of 25 years. Pamela said, “I couldn’t have made it without them. I will be forever grateful.”

She encourages others to explore DCA as well: “Just know there is help out there. They are lifesavers. It is a process, but it is so worth it in the end. If you truly need help, they will be there for you.”

Have you suffered a hardship that caused your mortgage to become past due? Please visit the HomeSafe website for program information and eligibility requirements. For more information on all of DCA’s programs, explore our website or call us at 404-679-4840.