State Volunteer Board Discusses Progress, Goals and Opportunities

Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism (GCSV) board members convened on July 18. Hosted by a nonprofit organization, Extra Special People (ESP), this gathering also included a presentation of its goals and accomplishments. ESP is one of the 19 organizations in Georgia benefiting from AmeriCorps funding.

The GCSV is a committee within the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and helps regulate, disperse and monitor the use of funds allocated to nonprofit organizations form the Corporation for National and Community Service. GCSV also offers support and recognizes nonprofits with a focus of initiating service projects.

Meeting Highlights

Board Chair Claire Bartlett provided a report about the status of productivity within the board as well as expressed a plan to advocate for AmeriCorps through congressional engagement. Executive Director Linda Thompson delivered a financial report to discuss fund allocation and percentage of use amongst sub-grantee organizations. She expressed the importance of encouraging 501(c)3 organizations to apply for the AmeriCorps grant.

Additionally, Thompson discussed aims to improve the quality of AmeriCorps applicants, increase more service in rural areas, and especially for organizations with a focus on serving veterans and decreasing human trafficking. Last, GCSV has partnered with McMahon Consulting Group to develop a citizen survey. The purpose of this survey is to evaluate regional and local needs and to increase funding and service within those areas.

Board member Dr. Myra Tolbert provided an update about the program committee and the impact of the AmeriCorps initiative in Georgia. Board member Jen Guynn presented information about the on-site service project and ceremony, initiated by the Service and Development Community. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of AmeriCorps and to recognize AmeriCorps members for their service.

Prior to the meeting adjournment, AmeriCorps members of Extra Special People presented an overview of their service projects, results of the impact, and participated in a discussion with committee members. During the discussion, Board members reviewed their impact potential, results of the AmeriCorps program, and explored the opportunities to better support sub-grantee organizations.

Upcoming Events:

  • 2019 Research Summit: September 16-17
  • Voices for National Service Reception for Hill Day participants: September 17
  • Annual Capitol Hill Day: September 18
  • 2019 AmeriCorps State and National Symposium: September 18-20
  • DCA Fall Conference: October 15-17
  • AmeriCorps Opening Day:  October 22

The next GCSV Board meeting will take place on September 26-27 in Jekyll. Learn more about GCSV here.