Savannah resident finds safety in new home

Our Georgia Dream program provides down payment assistance for first-time home buyers. In our Keys to Success series, we’ve asked residents from all across Georgia to share how they were able to accomplish their goal of securing the keys to their success and becoming homeowners!

Savannah resident Misha Snider wanted a house for herself and her three children. Instead, they were living in a three-bedroom apartment on the east side of the city.

“It is a high crime area, and [me] and children had been victims of crimes,” she said. “We wanted/needed to feel safer.”

Snider learned about Georgia Dream through an online search for down payment assistance programs in the state. She also attended a homebuying course in Savannah held by Consumer Credit Counseling Services, and they provided more information about the program.

She describes the process from application to approval as “easy.” Misner added, “The lender at the time handled most of the paperwork for me and made the process seamless.”

Snider was approved for $15,000 for her down payment and closing-cost assistance – and was able to move out of an apartment to her first home.

What does Georgia Dream mean to her? She said, “It means me and my children are now in a safer environment and now have the opportunity to live in a place we can finally call home.”

Snider said Georgia Dream is a great program that can help individuals and families buy their first house. She said, “The process is smooth, and many lenders in Georgia are familiar with Georgia Dream and can help applicants access the program.”