PlanFirst Success Story: Douglas fire department reaches class 2 ISO rating

The Douglas Fire Department (DFD) is giving peace of mind to and putting money back in the wallets of local business owners with its new ISO rating. 

The DFD moved from a Class 3 fire Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating to a Class 2, achieving one of the goals it set in its 2019-2023 Short Term Work Plan. 

ISO ratings reflect how prepared the community is to handle fires and affects the price of fire insurance premiums for property owners within a fire department’s jurisdiction. 

Local business owners can expect lower insurance costs because of the DFD’s Class 2 ISO rating; and the City of Douglas will become a more attractive place to do business as lower insurance costs and quality fire services attract higher quality jobs.  

Given ISO ratings range from one to 10, the former being the best and the latter the worst, the DFD finds itself in a great position nearly being top of the line. 

But having a mindset of being “top of the line” is what led the DFD to acquire its Class 2 ISO rating in the first place. 

It continues to keep its equipment current and is always investing in new firefighting technology. Case in point, last year the DFD purchased a new 2020 aerial apparatus firetruck at $879,905. 

The truck has the capability to extend firefighters on a platform to far-reaching heights if need be. 

DFD staff and firefighters are also continuously trained at one of the most exceptional training facilities in Georgia which host the Georgia Spartan Firefighter Program. 

This program was created by the DFD in 2018 as a day-long course for newer firefighters to expand their basic skills. The course trains firefighters for mental and physical preparedness, firefighter survival, interior search and rescue, and live fire. 

Though it started out as an “in-house” course, it has been so well received that firefighters from all over Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina have used it to train. 

The DFD is also proficient in hazardous material response, creating specialized training sites to assist their community better, and has developed a great relationship with Coffee County’s 911 service center. 

Their relationship has led to better intergovernmental coordination between the City of Douglas and Coffee County, forging more effective ways to help residents.