PlanFirst Success Story: City of Sylvester Pedestrian Mall/Amphitheater

DCA’s PlanFirst program recognizes and rewards Georgia communities that clearly demonstrate an established pattern of successfully implementing their Local Comprehensive Plan. Our PlanFirst “Success Story” series highlights these cities and counties by sharing their incredible achievements. You can view all of the communities on our Story Map

As the county seat and core of Worth County, the Sylvester mayor and council embedded the 2008-2028 Community Agenda Vision into their downtown objective of creating a community focal point for a pedestrian-friendly place where people can gather for socializing and entertainment. 

Funding by a GDOT TE Grant and the City of Sylvester, the Short Term Work Plan launched this vision by establishing the goal of an intermodal facility project. With renovations completed on this historic train depot in 2015, the vision evolved further in November 2018 when construction began on a pedestrian mall/amphitheater as well as improvements to the parking lot at the depot. 

The pedestrian mall/amphitheater has been utilized for various events such as concerts and weddings. It has also become a popular destination for photoshoots and selfie opportunities.  

Downtown business owners have reported an increase in pedestrian traffic and revenue, adding to the economic viability of the downtown district. Citizens can often be found in the area sitting and enjoying a beautiful day. 

With its completion in April 2019, the goal embraced the downtown vision by serving as a place to gather for shopping and entertainment. This proves that visions can become a reality when one sets ambitious and attainable goals that are collaborated with a foundation of good and effective comprehensive planning.