Mortgage assistance program set to end March 31

The following homeowners are just some of the 16,000 people who have utilized HomeSafe Georgia for mortgage assistance since 2011. If you are behind on your mortgage or owe more on your home than it is worth, HomeSafe Georgia could be your solution.

Visit or email to learn more about the program. Application packets must be submitted by March 31 before the program closes indefinitely. Keep reading to learn how this program has made a difference in the lives of these four Georgia residents.

Anetha Peterson has lived in Duluth for four years and learned about HomeSafe Georgia through her mortgage company. Due to illness and temporary lack of income, she was unable to pay her mortgage.

She describes the program as “lifesaving” and said her experience was excellent. “It’s a wonderful program for someone who has had an unfortunate experience and [fell] behind on their mortgage,” Peterson added.

For 10 years, Marcelina Melendez has lived in Grovetown in Columbia County. Sudden unemployment negatively affected her income, and she needed assistance. 

Melendez was able to qualify for HomeSafe and said the process was simple. She received $10,000 in assistance and said, “I am deeply grateful for all that HomeSafe has done for me and my family. There is help for individuals that happen to go through some unexpected situations that create financial setbacks.”

Luecreasia Faust calls Covington home and has lived there for 20 years. She had a part-time job and used that income to supplement her mortgage payment. However, she was laid off and struggled to pay her mortgage.

“I tried really hard to make the monthly payment and take care of my other basic needs on one salary, but I kept falling short,” she said. “The mortgage became so delinquent that the property was about to go into foreclosure.”

A referral from her mortgage company provided much-needed relief to her situation. Faust said the application process was quick, and the staff was open and honest with her.

“They were non-judgmental about my situation. My phone calls and emails were answered or returned expeditiously,” she said. “I was amazingly surprised at the program staff’s eagerness to finalize my application from beginning to end.

Faust received $7,180 to bring her mortgage current. She said, “I am very grateful for the HomeSafe Georgia program. DCA and its programs are sincere and really committed to assisting homeowners in avoiding foreclosure and saving their homes.”

Sabrina Mason said her home was upside down, meaning she owed more on her house than it was worth. She requested a rate modification, but her servicing company was unable to accommodate her at the time.

“It seemed our property values on the south side of Atlanta were not climbing as fast as others, if at all,” the Riverdale resident of 24 years said. “I was about a month behind and didn’t want to get further behind.”

Mason heard about HomeSafe on the radio and contacted DCA. She received $50,000 and said her home’s value is climbing.

“Before HomeSafe Georgia, I owed two to three times its value,” she said. “With the assistance, I am breathing a lot better.”