Housing Symposium Focuses on Solutions

Nearly 300 housing professionals gathered in Savannah to discuss emergency solutions, mental health, homelessness and more as part of the Annual Housing Symposium, hosted by DCA’s Department of Homeless and Special Needs Housing (HMIS), from Feb. 10-12.

Activities and sessions included panels on partnerships, fair housing, racial equity and tiny houses. Participants who enrolled in the Mental Health First Aid sessions were recognized in a graduation ceremony. Attendees also toured the Grace House, a shelter for homeless individuals provided by Union Mission, a nonprofit organization in Savannah.

Special speakers and moderators included:  

Cynthia Patterson, DCA’s HMIS director, said this year’s event reflects how much people around the state are committed to housing for everyone. She said, “The purpose of this annual conference is to unite people who have the ability to be advocates and make an impact for our homeless individuals in Georgia. We have an incredible opportunity to make a real difference across the state, and our team is dedicated to providing important information, training and resources so we can continue to do the work to help as many people as possible.”