DCA Welcomes Nepalese Finance Ministry for Informational Site Visit

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ mission to build strong, vibrant communities extended far beyond the state’s reach by hosting 22 members of the Nepalese Finance Ministry for a collaborative site visit on July 24. Coordinated by the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University, the visitors’ two-week Atlanta stay focused on public financial management and de-centralization. DCA partnered with GSU to provide an elaborate overview of the planning, research and mapping involved in the support DCA gives to local governments, regional commissions and community organizations throughout the state.

Through an in-depth presentation given by DCA’s Director of Planning and Research Tyler Reinagel, Ph.D, the discussion explored the purpose of horizontal relationships between sub-state local governments and how to navigate regional governance, planning and resource protection. Further points of focus included DCA’s current planning outreach and engagement program, accountability in fiscal management, and the constant changes to the landscape of local government such as new city incorporation and city-county consolidation.

The presentation also delved into the logistics behind the current local, intergovernmental and regional programs to offer the visitors a developed understanding of how DCA cultivates consistent improvement throughout the state. Programs specifically highlighted include the successful PlanFirst program, the professional development opportunities accessible through the Community Planning Institute program, and the various aspects of fiscal management in DCA’s Report of Local Government Finance and Debt Issuance submissions.

The insight DCA imparted was particularly pertinent to this group, as Nepal is in the midst of an ongoing effort to transition their nation from a centralized system to a multi-party democratic republic form of government. With efforts to implement programs and policies that emphasize the responsibility of local and regional governments across the country, the site visits highlighted sessions on capital budgeting, intergovernmental relations and fiscal transparency. With the information collected, the participants of the training will present projects based what was discussed in the sessions, ultimately incorporating the strategies and planning into the restructure of the Nepalese government.

This impactful visit was initiated by DCA’s well-established partnership with GSU. In addition to the Nepalese Finance Ministry, DCA has hosted numerous international site visits intended to build the guests’ understanding of state and local governance, American federalism and inter-governmental relations. Dr. Reinagel said, “We are prepared to continue our support to GSU in international outreach, continuing education, and applied research efforts moving forward.”

Presentation from Tyler Reinagal               Presentation from Tyler Reinagal               Presentation from Tyler Reinagal