Broadband Q&A: Lumpkin County

Lumpkin County has secured its Broadband Ready Certification. How can internet access positively affect communities? Lumpkin County officials Bruce Georgia, Director of Planning, and Rebecca Mincey, Development Authority Executive Director, explain it here.

How do you foresee Broadband access benefiting your county regarding education, healthcare, economic development and more? 

Business Growth and Economic Development: Broadband access is an essential element to this community’s economic development efforts to recruit and retain businesses, as well as provide the quality of life residents expect. We currently have a couple of providers with a high level of service along Highway 400. This corridor is anticipated to be the county’s primary growth area for residential, healthcare, and commercial development in the near future.

Workforce Readiness and Development: Improve access to online education, skills development, and training to meet the growing and evolving demands of employers. Better jobs mean higher incomes and a better quality of life.

Regional Development: Attract, retain and grow innovative businesses, allowing the local economy to become more diverse and resistant to economic shocks, as well as provide well-paying, high-quality jobs.

Education: Bolster online resources into the classroom while enabling seamless communication and partnering among teachers, students and parents, whether in school or from home.

Health Care: Share networks and services that improve responsiveness, reduce operating costs, and provide patients with a broader spectrum of enhanced services, including remote diagnostics, administration, scheduling, and electronic patient records.

Citizen and Social Services: Online services improve service reach and quality, save valuable time and public money while improving overall efficiency, through services like smart grid technology and platforms to communicate and collaborate.