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Program Updates

Program Updates

DCAs Office of Research & Surveys

The Office of Research and Surveys, in the Local Government Assistance Division, provides accurate, up-to-date information on a variety of topics related to local government in Georgia. Many of the surveys that local governments complete each year are governed by state law, meant to help provide a high level of transparency in government for Georgia's citizens.

If you want to see where the money goes in your local government, or if you'd like to see how other governments of similar sizes "get things done around town" you can check out the Report of Local Government Finances. It's a great resource not only for elected officials, planners and accountants, but also for citizens and students. Likewise, the annual Government Management Indicators Report (GOMI) provides comparisons for governments of similar sizes. Can a small city or rural county afford a sewer system, or a parks and recreation program, or a professional planning staff? The GOMI report can help supply the information to make an informed decision. The most popular annual report is a voluntary one (the others are required by Georgia law): The Wage and Salary Survey. It provides salary ranges for a variety of public sector jobs in Georgia, organized by the size of the community. The information in this report can help local governments determine a competitive wage when hiring for a new position.

The Office of Research and Surveys publishes a wide array of information on the Department's website, but due to space and time constraints, doesn't publish all the data they collect. A complete list of the various reports we provide each year is available online. The staff can provide additional information upon request, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact the Office of Research.