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Recovery Act Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) Grantees Only

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Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing (HPRP) Grantees Only

About This Page ...

This contents contained on and linked to this web page are provided for DCA HPRP grantees as a central place to regularly review DCA and HUD regulations, required forms and guidance for HPRP project implementation. GHFA HPRP Grantees must review the information on this page often to make sure that programs conform to up to date requirements. Additionally, grantees must note that HPRP requirements include, but are not limited to, the information contained on this page. Grantees must review all documents referenced in their grant agreement and exercise exhaustive due diligence to assure full compliance.

HPRP Training Webinars - New!

  1. HPRP 1 - HMIS Training -
  2. HPRP 2 - HPRP Financial Training -
  3. HPRP 3 - DCA Monitoring Procedures -
  4. HPRP 4 - Data Cleaning -
  5. HPRP 5 - Case Management -
  6. HPRP 6 - Outreach -
  7. HPRP 7 - Monitoring Part 2-
  8. HPRP 8 - Annual Performance Report Preparation 1
  9. HPRP 9 - Annual Performance Report Preparation 2
  10. HPRP 10 - Annual Performance Report Preparation 3
  11. HPRP 11 - Annual Performance Report Debriefing
  12. HPRP 12 - Planning for the Final Year
  13. HPRP 13 - HPRP Disaster Response Resources-
  14. HPRP 14 - Year Two Annual Performance Report Preparation

HPRP Monitoring

  1. Compliance Checklist - 02 2010 (WORD)
  2. DCA Monitoring Policy - 02 2010 (WORD)
  3. DCA Monitoring Format - 02 2010 (WORD)

Note that these documents are subject to revision by DCA at any time.

HPRP Reporting Requirements

  1. HPRP Monthly Discharge Form (Excel)
  2. HPRP Monthly Managers Report Instructions (PDF)
  3. Quarterly Jobs Calculation Worksheet (Revised 12 2009 (Excel)
  4. Quarterly Reporting Requirements for Jobs Supported (PDF)

DCA and HUD Financial Management Regulations / Requirements
(* Denotes Required DCA Forms)

  1. DCA HPRP Reimbursements -- Two documents are required in association with each reimbursement request --
  2. (1) *Reimbursement Request Form - This form will be issued by DCA and updated following each reimbursement.  It must first be printed-out and completed by grantees using detail from the Excel spreadsheet (noted below).  Once completed, it must be reviewed and signed by two of the signatories named in the HPRP Agreement.  Once fully executed, it (preferably) should be scanned and attached to the email submission that includes the Excel spreadsheet (noted below).  If not scanned, it may be faxed to (404) 679-0669 under separate cover; and

    (2) *HPRP Reimbursement Detail (Excel) 12/01/2009 - This Excel spreadsheet must be completed and returned by email to Brian.DiNapoli@Dca.Ga.Gov

For questions about this HPRP reimbursement process, contact Brian DiNapoli at (404) 327-6811 or by email.

  1. Critical Financial Reporting Requirements For Nonprofits Contracting with the State Acrobat PDF
  2. Federal Financial Management Requirements for NPO's
          • MS Word Format       • Acrobat PDF Format
  3. Federal Cost Principles (PDF)

HUD Regulations

  1. HUD Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) Regulations (PDF)
  2. HUD Guidance and Regulations for Faith-Based Organizations                  • Regulations      • Questions and Answers
  3. HUD HPRP Frequently Asked Questions - (Note that these questions and answers take the form of regulation or re-regulation.)

Determining Client Eligibility

On October 16, 2009, HUD issued a total of six (6) documents.  Included were two (2) documents detailing "Guidelines" for determining - "Housing Status / Homelessness," and "Income" eligibility.  These guidelines take the form of regulation.  HUD also issued four (4) "sample" formats for making eligibility determinations; two (2) each for "Housing Status / Homelessness" and "Income" eligibility.  These six (6) documents are linked below.  To review, HPRP subgrantees can download all of the documents combined into one PDF document here.

For HPRP eligibility, individuals or households must -

  1. At a minimum, have an initial consultation with a case manager or other qualified representative of the agency administering the assistance who can determine the appropriate type of assistance to meet the household's need;
  2. Be verified as (a) "literally homeless" (living on street, in car, in shelter, etc.), OR (b) "homeless but for the HPRP assistance" (subject to eviction, short-term institutionalized and subject to discharge, etc.) -
    • HUD Guidelines for Homeless or Prevention Eligibility Determinations (PDF)
    • Self-Declaration of Homelessness (PDF) (DOC)
    • Verification of Homelessness / Prevention Eligibility (PDF) (DOC);
  3. Be at or below 50% of the "Area Median Income (AMI)" for the area -
    • HUD Guidelines for Income Eligibility Determinations (PDF)
    • Self-Declaration of Income (PDF) (DOC)
    • Verification of Income (PDF) (DOC)
    • HUD Income Limits (Web Link) - Use March 19, 2009 income limits.  Once family size and household income is determined using the above document(s), income may not exceed the "very low income" limit (50% of AMI) established at this link;
  4. Be appropriate for a 'stable housing outcome' following the assistance; AND
  5. Found to be eligible, at least in part, via a HUD-prescribed "Staff Affidavit (PDF)" to be executed by (1) staff determining eligibility, and (2) his or her supervisor.   The Staff Affidavit documents that the HPRP household
    meets all eligibility criteria for HPRP assistance, certifies that true and complete information was used to determine eligibility, and certifies that no conflict of interest exists related to the provision of HPRP assistance.

HPRP grantees may use alternate documents, but must submit them for DCA review and written approval.


Determining Amounts of Assistance for Eligible Clients - (Note that these documents are OPTIONAL for HPRP subgrantees.)

HUD HPRP Habitability Standards Compliance

For the long-term, HPRP subgrantees are encouraged to develop 'healthy home' expertise.  For information on this HUD initiative, go to this web site.

The checklist linked below must be completed before any unit is assisted for Rapid Re-Housing.  The checklist is recommended for all Homelessness Prevention assistance.

HUD Lead-Based Paint Compliance

For the long-term, HPRP subgrantees must obtain or develop competent staff in order to protect HPRP participants from the hazards of lead-based paint, and to meet HUD lead-based paint compliance regulations. 

Compliance begins with the documented construction date of each unit assisted, and ends at this point if the unit was constructed in 1978 or later.  But if the unit to be assisted was constructed prior to 1978, and there are no documented exceptions to the regulations (text linked below), full compliance must be documented.  The following documents and forms have been consolidated and/or developed for subgrantee use to assure and document compliance.

  1. HUD Lead-Based Paint Regulations (PDF)
  2. HUD Healthy Homes Web site
  3. HUD Lead-Based Paint Visual Assessment Training
  4. HUD Lead-Based Paint Booklet (PDF)
  5. DCA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (PDF)
  6. DCA Lead-Based Paint Compliance / Visual Assessment Checklist (PDF)

If pre-1978 units are proposed for utilization and lead hazards are identified, subgrantees are advised to IMMEDIATELY CONTACT DCA FOR GUIDANCE.

Optional DCA Lead-Based Paint Guidance

Guidance and Documents for Agreement (Contract) Special Conditions

  1. 24-Month Implementation Pro Forma (Excel Doc)
  2. Certification of Five (5) Most Highly Compensated Officers (WORD)

Other Requirements

Downloads & Related Links

DCA HPRP Application and Related Documents - Eligible Applicants are Local Governments and Nonprofits Only!

  1. DCA HPRP Application - Form Fill Docs Only, Revised June 3, 2009 (WORD)
  2. DCA HPRP Project Pro Forma (General Budget / Program Planning Tool), June 1, 2009 (EXCEL)
  3. DCA HPRP Pro Rata Amounts by County, May 31, 2009 (PDF)
  4. DCA HPRP Full Application Manual, Revised May 26, 2009 (PDF)

  5. DCA HPRP Application Slides, Revised May 26, 2009 (PDF)   (PPT)

Links to DCA Public Documents

  1. HPRP Grant Agreement With HUD, July 16, 2009 (PDF)
  2. HPRP Applications Submitted for July 1, 2009 Deadline (PDF)
  3. HPRP Substantial Amendment to 2008 Consolidated Plan, May 14, 2009 (PDF)
  4. HPRP State Agency Coordination Meeting, April 29, 2009 (PDF)
  5. HPRP Provider Coordination Meeting, April 28, 2009 (PDF)
  6. HPRP Entitlement Coordination Meeting, April 23, 2009 (PDF)

Links to Other Federal and State Documents

  1. HUD Homelessness Resource Exchange - HPRP (Web Link)
  2. DCA Rapid Re-Housing Overview (PDF)
  3. HUD Matrix of HPRP-Related Recovery Act Programs (PDF)
  4. NAEH Key Rapid Re-Housing Partnerships (PDF)
  5. NAEH HPRP a Key to Systems Transformation and Sustainability (PDF)
  6. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (a/k/a ARRA or Recovery Act) (PDF)
  7. Recovery Act Provisions - Homelessness Prevention Fund (WORD)
  8. HUD Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) Regulations (PDF)
  9. OMB Guidance on Communications with Registered Lobbyists (PDF)
  10. HUD's Web Site - Homelessness Prevention Fund (Web Link)

Contact Information

Christy Hahn, State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless

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