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Program Description

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) supports the education of future home owners on the benefits and responsibilities of homeownership as a necessary and important part of the home buying process. DCA provides Home Buyer Education to potential home buyers online through E-Home America www.eHomeAmerica.org/DCA and partners with housing counseling agencies across the state to conduct individual housing counseling sessions.

Housing Counseling and Education Techniques Training

This training is designed for the staff of agencies who wish to be approved by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to provide counseling to potential home buyers and home owners in Georgia. The two and one half day class provides instruction on facilitation of a housing seminar following the HUD approved six hour format. Training will include the major facilitator’s section on budget and credit (both as a stand-alone presentation and as part of a workshop); housing counseling skills; the mortgage application process; real estate contract negotiation; and post-purchase concerns such as home maintenance. Materials provided will include samples of forms; an outline of preferred presentation subject matter for other expert presenters; and documents for facilitator certification and reporting. Certification will be provided to attendees who successfully complete the examination.

Professional Development Seminar

The Professional Development Seminar is designed for housing counselors who have a state or national housing counselor certification and for housing and social service professionals interested in increasing their understanding of various housing related topics.

Ready, Set, Go Program

Ready, Set, Go provides homebuyers the opportunity to complete an online financial literacy course and meet, at least, three times with a housing counselor, either in-person or by phone. The Ready, Set, Go (RSG) Agencies reviews and discusses the home buyer’s budget and credit and provides general pre-purchase housing counseling. RSG Agencies are reimbursed for their services.

How do I become a Georgia Dream Housing Counseling Agency?

The Georgia Dream Homeownership Program provides eligible Georgia home buyers with a first mortgage loan. In addition to the first mortgage loan, Georgia Dream offers down payment assistance loans. Housing counseling is required for all home buyers who apply for Georgia Dream loans and Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Housing Counseling Program administers the Georgia Dream Housing Counseling Agency Program.

Other Training Resources:

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Certification/ Training Chairperson 

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Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
(800) 438-5547 

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