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The Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program provides permanent housing in connection with supportive services to persons who have a disability and are experiencing homelessness. The program provides rental assistance funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) accompanied by a range of supportive services funded by other sources. The S+C Program is designed to serve a population that has been traditionally hard to reach - homeless persons with disabilities such as (but not limited to) serious mental illness, chronic substance abuse, and/or AIDS and related diseases. This program is built on the best practice that housing and services should be connected in order to ensure the stability for this population. Consequently, S+C provides rental assistance that local grantees must match with supportive services appropriate to the target population. The goals of the S+C Program are to assist homeless individuals and their families to increase their housing stability, skills and/or income, and self-sufficiency.

Funding for S+C projects is awarded competitively through HUD's annual Continuum of Care process. HUD has established guidelines for the competition which may be reviewed in annual notices of funding availability. Local S+C projects are typically implemented through partnerships that include (1) a grantee, (2) a local housing "Sponsor" (or subgrantee) that owns or coordinates leasing of housing for program participants, and (3) a network of supportive services providers. 



  • DCA has announced the following awards under the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Support Services/Harm Reduction, and Housing Opportunity for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Programs for Fiscal Year 2019. The purpose of these programs is to deliver housing support and related services to persons defined as either: (1) “homeless” or “at risk of homelessness,” as (2) eligible “homeless” persons as defined under the S+C program, or as (3) “eligible persons” (lower income persons with HIV/AIDS) as defined for the HOPWA program. For FY2019, DCA received 226 requests totaling $15.1 million. Of the requests, $8.7 million was awarded to 175 programs.